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The water on Earth existed even before the Sun existence, says scientists

  • Posted by Clausell
  • September 28, 2014 8:13 AM EDT



The Earth’s water is older than the sun.Scientists say that main parts of Earth’s water produced by Interstellar-ice are much older than the Sun.


New study and researchers proves that the water obtained in our Solar System is being alive even before the majestic Sun was shaped. Till date, we assumed that sun was responsible for the subsistence of water and life forms, but, the new study proved it wrong and it surprised with its new theory and made each and every scientist disbelieving.

The new study “The Ancient belief of Water Ice in the Solar system” was in print in the Journal Science on September 26th. A team of scientist studied the history of water-ice in the Solar system by observing the percentage of hydrogen to its profound Isotope Deuterium which is also called as Heavy Hydrogen due to its additional neutron. This ratio can give the researchers and scientists can get some clues on the unreciprocated questions like when the actual water molecule formed."


Source: Istreet Research